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Cheap Authentic Nfl JerseysPersonal classification: science original innovation | system classification: viewpoint review universal identity - the world without paper currency zhang zhang, 20191031 I don't understand, this is nonsense.But that may be the future of society, as the recent deaths of 39 people in Britain have shocked the world.And the verification of the identity of these people has become an important, difficult and sensitive issue.It is said that it makes sense for the police to check everyone's DNA, which is not easy (expensive and probably not feasible).Now let's use this question to consider a global general problem: since everyone is engaged in Internet, blockchain, bitcoin, mobile payment, face to face entering the door...I think the end point of this evolution is to check who you are in the cheapest way possible, and then check who you are and do all the corresponding things (shopping, entering...)..And when you can verify who you are quickly, accurately, and cheaply, a lot of things become very simple: you create a global identity system, and you put it on the Internet, on the blockchain, and that identity system corresponds to your DNA.A unified dynamic database of seven billion people around the world so that each person (in each country) has an electronic identity from birth, corresponding to its unique DNA data.Like him, she was born with the authentication from received government subsidies, compulsory education (the past), the examination, published an article, get a degree, obtain employment, to work, get salary (electronic currency), shopping, consumption, tourism, to go abroad, to public places, community and so on all is with the world's only personal identity authentication system password authentication system, coding and its very cheap.So let the currency issued by various countries out of history, id CARDS out of history, passports out of history, keys out of history, many credit CARDS out of history...So there is a currency, no keys, no credit CARDS, no passport...A new society that makes it easier for everyone to do many, many things than in the past is here for everyone in the world.Before the arrival of communism, we first entered the society of information sharing (the global verification and sharing of personal information anytime, anywhere).Archiver| |sciencenet.cncopyright ? 2007- science news of China

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